Partnership Tax

Limited Partner Subject to Self-Employment Tax

When it comes to tax law, there are quite a few known-unknowns. These are tax questions that have been raised tangentially in court cases and rulings, but have not been fully answered. These situations confuse taxpayers. Tax practitioners are often asked to provide answers. The answers from tax practitioners often differ, as practitioners have different […]

S Corporation Tax

S Corp Election Terminated by Standard LLC Language

If you make an S corporation election and do not fix the standard language that is typically included in the LLC company agreement, you’ll void the S corporation election. This is an issue that is usually identified by during an audit by the IRS. Many taxpayers overlook this issue until it is too late (it […]

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Loan to an S Corporation to Allow Tax Loss

Tax basis can limit a shareholder’s loss from an S corporation. If an S corporation has a tax loss but the shareholder doesn’t have sufficient tax basis to take the loss, the shareholder will typically have to loan money to the S corporation. This tax debt basis makes the loss allowable in the current year. […]

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The IRS Recent Focus on S Corp Owners

The IRS has announced several new compliance campaigns focusing on S corporations. This is needed as the audit rate for S corporation is extremely low. The most recent IRS compliance campaign focuses on shareholder stock basis issues for S corporation owners. Those who have significant S corporation losses or large distributions should take time to […]

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Using Warrants to Make Future Purchases of S Corporation Stock

Can you make a gift to charity but retain the right to pull back the value of the gift in the future, and still get a charitable deduction for the gift? The court said “no” in In Re Stapley, No. 09-47699 RLE (Bankr. N.D. Cali. 2019). The failed tax shelter included an S corporation whose […]

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Can the IRS Ignore the Legal Existence of a Corporation?

If a taxpayer forms a legal entity and it is taxed as a C corporation, can the IRS disregard the legal existence of the corporation and assess the corporation’s tax to the owner? The court addresses this in Russell v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo. 2019-146. Facts & Procedural History The taxpayer filed his personal income tax […]

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The Timing Trap: Failed Installment Sales

What happens if you sell an asset and are to receive payments in the future, but your accountant fails to elect the installment method? Do you have to report the full amount of the gain in the year of sale? What happens if the buyer fails to make the payments in subsequent years? The IRS […]