We Provide Tax Advice

Tax Advice

You may have found us by searching for “Tax attorney near me” or “Tax lawyer.” We are glad you found us. We are tax advice attorneys in Houston, Texas. Chances are good we can help save you money on your taxes.

We provide tax advice to report transactions on tax returns and tax advice to help clients understand the tax ramifications for transactions.

In many cases, this tax advice relates to large, and usually, once in a lifetime time transaction, such as the sale of a business or real estate, business or non-profit transactions, the receipt of employee benefits, or gifts and inheritances and trust and transfer tax issues.

As tax attorneys, we have access to the most recent and up-to-date tax research tools. We use these tools to help provide focused and custom tax advice to our clients.

Business & Individual Tax Advice

We focus on technical tax analysis for business and individual tax matters. We advise clients on income/exclusion, deduction/credit, timing, character, tax rate laws and opportunities.

While we are known for our work on tax planning for real estate, research tax credits, self-directed retirement accounts, retirement plan beneficiary designations, passive activity losses, crypto tax losses, and depreciation and accounting methods, we also regularly advise clients on business entities and transactions (including sales/purchases, leases, and financing), lawsuit settlement awards, solar tax credit projects, conservation easements and charitable contributions, charitable trusts, ADA credits, and estate taxes and employee benefits, such as Section 127 plans and employee-donated sick leave. This includes issues involving cancellation of debt income, involuntary conversions, claim of right deductions, and the character and timing of gain and partnership tax allocations, and disguised dividends for business owners.

If you got lost in the paragraph above, the summary is that we provide tax advice for just about every technical tax law, rule or procedure there is. The more complex, the better.

We Provide Written Tax Planning

We are also willing to reduce our tax advice to writing.

There are several reasons why taxpayers may need written tax advice. One reason is that tax matters are often technical and the amount of tax can vary greatly based on nuances in the facts and our tax laws (about our tax laws). Having a tax attorney prepare written advice that sets out the facts and explanation in deal, can help ensure that the law is being applied to the correct facts and, ultimately, that the tax advice will be upheld if challenged by the government.

Another reason is that a third party may require the tax advice be put in writing, as with a court that needs to understand the tax implications of a proposed class action settlement or a bank that needs certainty about the amount of tax exposure before extending credit.

Penalties are another reason why taxpayers seek out written tax opinion letters. Reliance on written advice from a tax attorney can in some cases relieve the taxpayer from penalties if the legal conclusions turn out to be wrong. There are a number of rules that apply in determining whether written advice from a tax attorney qualifies for this type of treatment, but the savings in terms of tax penalties is often substantial.

We also help clients submit private letter ruling requests. These requests can help provide certainty for uncertain tax positions or transactions.

Get Tax Advice for Your Tax Questions Today

Our firm frequently provides tax advice and written tax opinions for clients on significant and complex federal and state tax matters.

Please call us at (713) 909-4906 or schedule an appointment to talk to get tax advice from our tax attorneys.

Pro Tip

Tax liabilities are often a major expense for taxpayers, making effective planning crucial. However, it’s also important to consider other financial and legal factors that may impact your tax strategy. Consult with our tax attorneys for a comprehensive approach to managing your tax liabilities.

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