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Whistleblower Claims

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Does the IRS Reward Whistleblowers?

The short answer is “yes!” The IRS has a whole program set up to accept, evaluate and pay those who report tax evasion.

This program was put together by Congress. Congress has consistently pushed the IRS to pay out more for claims and more often.

How Does IRS Whistleblower Program Work?

The IRS whistleblower program pays monetary awards to individuals who provide information to the IRS about third parties who are underpaying their tax. The awards are 15 percent to 30 percent of the collected proceeds resulting from the information. Thus, the amount of the award is tied to the amounts in dispute.

This percentage includes penalties, interest, additions to tax, and additional amounts provided under the internal revenue laws. It also includes criminal fines and civil forfeitures. Thus, the amount can be higher than one would think.

Who Files Whistleblower Claims With the IRS?

There are no government sources that identify who files whistleblower claims with the IRS. The reported tax cases suggest that disgruntled spouses, family members, and business partners and employees file most claims.

Claims often involve gross income (or unreported income), inflated tax deductions or credits, and other types of tax fraud.

There are also serial claimants, who are third parties who regularly search for possible whistleblower claims in the public records.

Getting the IRS to Pay Out

The IRS often disallows valid whistleblower claims. In fact, it often fails to respond to whstleblowers altogether.

Our tax laws authorize the U.S. Tax Court to review how the IRS handles whistleblower awards. There is a growing body of case law that helps define what awards are permissible and the limitations on awards.

Is the IRS Whistleblower Program Confidential?

Confidentiality is one of the challenging aspects of the IRS’s whistleblower program. The rules enacted by Congress ensure that claimants identity remain anonymous.

I the tax dispute ends up in court, the courts have allowed the litigants to find out who filed the complaint. This is one part of the claims process that a skilled tax attorney can really help with.

IRS Whistleblower Attorneys

We are experienced tax attorneys in Houston, Texas. We help clients submit whistleblower claims.

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