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You probably found us by searching for “tax return attorney” or “tax return fraud attorney.” Maybe you searched for “tax lawyer for IRS return” or some similar phrase.

Or maybe you asked the question, “Can an attorney prepare a tax return?” (the answer is “yes”).

We are glad you found us. We are a tax law firm in Houston, Texas, and we help fix problem tax returns. This includes late tax returns, unfiled tax returns, and fraudulent tax returns. This includes advising clients on qualified amended returns and avoiding excess collections.

The Complexity of Tax Returns & Tax Reporting

Understanding tax positions and reporting the positions on the correct tax forms can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

There are thousands of tax forms issued by the IRS and state governments. These forms often require complex calculations and may hinge on particular facts or substantiation. This is in addition to the various tax elections and statements that must be included with the return, remitted to the governments or retained for audit.

Why Would an Attorney Prepare a Tax Return?

For most taxpayers, these burdens and the associated risk justify the cost of hiring a tax professional to prepare and make the required tax submissions and to advise on and structure any significant transactions or events.

If the return includes anything more complex than routine positions, it may be advisable to have an attorney prepare the tax return rather than a CPA. The same goes for return reporting positions that could have criminal or other sensitive complications. CPAs are often not set up to handle these complications as their business usually involves filing tax returns on a volume basis.

At a minimum, taxpayers should have an experienced tax attorney to review their individual and business tax returns in any year in which a large or complicated transaction or event occurred. Trust, estate, and gift tax returns should also be prepared by, or at least reviewed by, an experienced tax attorney. This is particularly true for businesses that are in complicated industries or those who have received a non-routine IRS notice.

The relatively modest fee for this service can often uncover tax savings far in excess of the initial fee. We offer a free consultation and can provide an estimate of the cost of our services. These free consultations help us assess your return and come up with a plan.

Tax Lawyers Who Fix Problem Tax Returns

Our tax lawyers frequently review and prepare federal and state tax returns and provide tax advice and structuring for clients, including tax returns that report fictitious businesses, etc..

We focus on problem tax returns, including unfiled and late tax returns and correcting fraudulent tax returns and filing amended tax returns. You can read more about these issues using these links:

Experienced Tax Return Attorneys

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