Tax Law Research

There are a number of sources that can be accessed to research our tax laws. Not surprisingly, the paid sources are usually more comprehensive and up to date. There are free alternatives on the internet too.

Paid Tax Research Databases & Newsletters

There are several ways to research our tax laws. Most tax attorneys subscribe to various paid research databases. This includes West, Lexis, CCH, and RIA checkpoint. There are several other paid database services, such as casetext.

These databases provide up-to-date tax laws, court cases, regulations, administrative rulings, and IRS guidance and publications.

Most tax attorneys subscribe to Tax Notes Today (TNT). TNT is the premiere tax news service. It provides daily updates on court cases, rulings, etc. It also includes legal analysis by various tax professionals.

There are other services that are somewhat similar, including Law360, BNA, etc.

Free Tax Research Sources

There are several tax research sources on the web that are free to use. Here are a few examples:

  1. Cornell University – Tax Code
  2. Cornell University – Tax Regulations
  3. Leagle – District, Federal Claims, and Tax Court Cases
  4. U.S. Tax Court – Tax Court Cases
  5. Legalbitstream – Court Cases, Regulations, and Rulings
  6. IRS Electronic Reading Room – IRS Administrative Rulings

These sources provide access to about every source of Federal tax law you might need.

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