Marriage & Divorce Tax

Do Divorce Payments Increase Tax Basis in Business

Our Federal income tax laws often build upon the presumption that seemingly adverse parties are actually adverse. Our tax laws do not always account for instances where the parties are actively working in concert to reduce the IRS’s cut. Transfers and payments made in relation to divorce are an example. With our tax laws, it […]

Capital vs. Ordinary

When is Rental Real Estate a Business?

Our tax laws are not perfect. There are grey areas. Most of these grey areas are of little consequence as they do not have a significant impact on the amount of tax that is due. There are other grey areas that can significantly impact the amount of tax due. These tax disputes are frequently litigated. […]

Cancellation of Debt

Avoiding Tax on Discharge of a Mortgage

There are times in life when you may feel that you can’t get ahead. One step forward, two steps back–as they say. Paying income tax on debt that you avoid is an example. You negotiate with the lender or creditor and they agree to settle the balance for less. One step forward. Then a few […]

Retirement Accounts

Avoiding the 60-Day IRA Rollover Requirement

If a taxpayer takes money out of their retirement account, they generally have to pay income tax on the amount distributed. What if the taxpayer wants to put the money back into the account? There have been several examples where Congress has allowed taxpayers to put money back into their accounts. The recent CARES Act […]

Rescission Doctrine

Avoid Tax by Returning Pay

There are times when a business structure or transaction no longer makes sense. This may be due to a change in the business environment, such as swings in the economy or unexpected gains or losses. It can also arise due to a change in the owners’ personal circumstances, such as a divorce or death of […]

Real Estate

Deducting Interest for More than One Home

The mortgage interest deduction seems simple enough. The Code provides a deduction for mortgage interest that is paid during the year. It starts with a broad grant: There shall be allowed as a deduction all interest paid or accrued within the taxable year on indebtedness. Then these 18 words in a single sentence are followed […]

Accounting Method

Tax Planning for Contingent Loans

Tax is often about timing. Timing issues are those where the taxpayer defers the requirement to pay taxes to a later date. Preferably a later date that is many, many years in the future. The hope is that the taxpayer can retain the amounts that would have been paid in tax today and use the […]