Tax Procedure Whistleblower Claims

Whistleblower Claim Limited by Sequestration

We help claimants submit whistleblower claims. But when we receive calls asking for help with whistleblower claims, we do everything we can to dissuade the callers from submitting claims. The IRS’s whistleblower program has been plagued by mismanagement. Cases have long been mishandled by the IRS. Legitimate awards denied. Claimants have to be prepared to […]

IRS Interest Tax Procedure

Using Contract Law to Avoid IRS Interest

Interest that accrues on taxes can be abated due to IRS errors or delays. The law that implements this general rule often fails to provide a meaningful remedy in most interest abatement cases. But what about contract law? Can contract law provide another means for obtaining a remedy in interest abatement cases? The court addresses […]

IRS Audits Tax Procedure

IRS Contacts With Government Agencies

The IRS considers information from third parties during audits and in collecting unpaid taxes. The IRS’s efforts to gather this information can significantly harm the taxpayer, as third parties may not want to do business with the taxpayer given the IRS inquiry. Recognizing this, Congress has imposed rules that limit the IRS’s ability to make […]

IRS Debts IRS Liens & Levies Tax Procedure

Property Rights & IRS Levies: Louisiana’s Usufruct

To determine whether the IRS can levy or take property, one has to consider what property the taxpayer owns. State law dictates what property the taxpayer owns. The property laws in most states are similar, which makes applying Federal tax collection law relatively easy. But then there is Louisiana law. Louisiana law differs in many […]

IRS Penalties Tax Procedure Tax Return Preparer Penalty

The Tax Preparer’s Right to Appeal Return Penalties

The IRS has been focusing on tax return preparer audits. The aim of these audits is to impose penalties on tax return preparers. The IRS typically provides a means for tax preparers to appeal these penalties administratively, but there are cases where it doesn’t provide this opportunity. In those cases the IRS will assess the […]

Business Tax S Corporation Tax Tax

S Corp Election Terminated by Standard LLC Language

If you make an S corporation election and do not fix the standard language that is typically included in the LLC company agreement, you’ll void the S corporation election. This is an issue that is usually identified by during an audit by the IRS. Many taxpayers overlook this issue until it is too late (it […]

IRS Audits IRS Debts Tax Procedure

Can You Rely on IRS Statements?

If you ask someone a direct question and the person responds with incorrect information, is the person bound by their misrepresentation? This raises questions of “estoppel,” which apply to most litigants. But does it apply to IRS employees who make a misrepresentation? Put another way, can you rely on statements by IRS representatives? The court […]