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Perception Can Be As Important as Substance in Tax Disputes

Taxpayers voluntarily submit information to the IRS.  The IRS not only evaluates the substance of this information, but also the taxpayer’s candor in preparing and providing the information.  The perception of candor is just as important as the substance in many cases.  The Guess v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo. 2018-97, provides an example of how things can […]

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Transferring Property to a Spouse After IRS Lien

There are a number of difficult questions that come up when one spouse has a debt with the IRS and also owns property jointly with their spouse. The question is often whether the spouses can transfer the property to the non-liable spouse. The answer is, maybe. The court recently addressed this in U.S. v. Gerard, […]

IRS Debts Tax Procedure

IRS Cannot Use Court to Collect from Third Party Located in Another State

The IRS has a number of collection tools at its disposal. This includes the ability to take the taxpayer’s property without court intervention. This power doesn’t extend to all property. For example, the IRS has to go through the courts to get at property held by third parties. As the court reminded the IRS in […]

IRS Debts Tax Procedure

IRS Benefits from the Texas Homestead Exemption

In United States. v. Cobos, No. 3:13-CV-4924-L (N.D. Tex. 2017), the court addressed whether a third party who files a lien notice against a taxpayer before the IRS files its lien notice has a superior claim to the taxpayer’s home. The case highlights how the Texas homestead exemption can benefit the IRS to the detriment […]

IRS Debts Offer in Compromise Tax Procedure

Forgotten Offer in Compromise Extended IRS Collection Time

Sometimes it is best to wait for the IRS’s collection statute to expire. This is a wait-and-see approach where the taxpayer waits to see if the IRS attempts to collect the tax debt. To succeed, it is important for the taxpayer to not extend the IRS’s collection statute. This issue came to a head in […]

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Planning for Tax Refunds in Bankruptcy

The In re Porter, No. 16-11831-BFK (E.D. Va. 2017) case serves as a timely reminder that taxpayers who have unpaid tax debts and who are expecting sizable tax refunds may benefit from timing the filing of their bankruptcy cases. Facts & Procedural History The taxpayer filed her 2014 tax return on April 4, 2016.  The […]

Bankruptcy Tax IRS Debts Tax Procedure

Does Withholding on Wages Convert the Wages to a Tax?

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court recently considered whether amounts withheld from wages in excess of the amount of the income tax liability owed is a refund of tax or a refund of wages. The case is In re Crutch, No. 15-44523-cec. (E.D.N.Y. 2017). The case is a reminder to those taxpayers who are considering bankruptcy that […]