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    5 star review  I was referred to Kreig Mitchell as I had very specific questions regarding parts of a complex real estate transaction. I had scheduled a 1/2 hour conversation and during that time I experienced why the person referring him to me was so enthused about his knowledge and ability to be a client advocate. He directed me to specific tax cases and shared with me very practical applications of the case and how best to incorporate the findings of that case into my situation. I was very pleased and will certainly contact him again with difficult transactions. He is at the top of knowledgeable tax attorneys whom I have dealt with over the years.

    thumb Robert White

    5 star review  I contacted Kreig Mitchell LLC via phone to ask for an initial consultation and they were quick to respond and accommodate a 30-min call for the following day. Attorney Breaux listened to my case, explained the basics of tax law as it applied to my particular situation, and oriented me. She was very helpful and Kreig Mitchell LLC were proactive with their follow up throughout the process. I highly recommend this firm for anyone navigating any tax-related issues.

    thumb Santiago Hässig

    5 star review  had phone conversation and was pleased with info given, and advice.

    thumb jose rodriguez

    5 star review  I called Houston Tax Attorney, Kreig Mitchell LLC after receiving an audit notice from the IRS. Less than 24-hours after reaching out, Erin was in contact with me. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of feedback received from a free consultation, so much so, that I knew I wanted Erin and her team in my corner. By the end of the call, I had a good overview of what I was dealing with. I dreaded facing what was to come alone. Having a professional to consult with really helped to put my mind at ease.

    thumb Shawn Quashie

    5 star review  Kreig is a very resourceful and courteous professional. I am happy that I am working with him for my business tax needs.

    thumb Abraham Philip

    4 star review  Kreig set up a preliminary conference call. He was very responsive and understood my situation. Simple call system and very fluid for perspective clients.

    thumb Tom Gentempo

    5 star review  The consultation was informative and supportive. Very helpful during a difficult time.

    thumb Elizabeth Carter

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