Tax Litigation Tax Procedure

When the IRS Raises A New Matter on the Eve of Trial

During the course of litigating a tax matter, the IRS may increase the amount of tax, penalties, and interest that it alleges the taxpayer owes. The IRS is typically allowed to do this. If it does, the IRS may have a harder time prevailing on this type of issue. This “new matter” rule was recently […]

IRS Audits Tax Procedure

Improbable Position by IRS Sufficient to Impose Tax

The Transupport, Inc. v. Commissioner, No. 17-1265 (1st Cir. 2018) case involved evidence that was not sufficient to support imposing a penalty, but the same evidence was sufficient to hold the taxpayer liable for the tax. The case provides an opportunity to consider how courts evaluate evidence in tax cases. The Facts & Procedural History […]

Federal Income Tax

Misappropriated Money Subject to Tax, Even if No Criminal Violation

The proceeds of criminal activities are taxable income. Money that is embezzled from an employer is taxable to the embezzling employee. But what about money transferred between friends with the agreement that one of them will invest the funds, but he instead uses the funds personally and in doing so did not violate a criminal […]